Zombie Catchers

  • Version 1.30.13
  • Category MOD Games
  • Requirements Android 4.1
  • Size75 MB
  • languageEN, FR, DE, ES

It may seem that the title of the living dead is a very boring actor, but in the series of monotypic and banal arcade games sometimes meet some very good examples. The history of the toy takes place in the distant future, the world is simply overflowing with blood donors and not all city dwellers can get away from them uninfected.

Fortunately, however, a number of financiers want to create a lucrative business in a world infected with an unknown virus, instead giving the people of the world the destruction of all dissatisfaction. But the merciful aliens have very different plans for the journey of the dead, they will not kill them, the uninvited guests aim to catch all the rotting zombified creatures for their own purposes.
Scary living dead do not want to give up without a fight, so the outside creatures have to use clever traps designed to catch the angry Zombies.
When a section of the area is cleared of breathless cannibals, the aliens plan to build a spacious coffee shop and participate in the construction of restaurants, specialty restaurants, nightclubs, and casinos, so that this is good for the rich and social. If you like this amazing adventure game, order your friends Zombie Catchers.

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