Cookie Run: Kingdom MOD APK [Unlimited Money]

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  • Requirements Android 5.0+
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Cookie Run: Kingdom MOD APK is an arcade action game launched in 2020 by Devsisters. Six months after its introduction, the app began to gain traction, and currently kingdom of cookies has over 1 million Play Store users, with a rating of 4.5 stars. Residents-cookies must restore their shattered kingdom following a ferocious sugar fight, as well as guard their regained country from inquisitive dessert monsters that will not give up in their effort to assault ginger opponents.

Features Of Cookie Run MOD APK


Cookie Run: Kingdom entices gamers with its intriguing plot, which is shown in high-quality and thrilling cutscenes. Learn about the history of the gingerbread kingdom and six heroic warrior cookies who battled courageously against an evil witch.

Your protagonist is tasked with assisting in the rebuilding of the kingdom following the evil witch's actions and protecting the citizens of his country. Dividing the storey with two key objectives ideally helps the player maintain a balance between epic wars and engaging kingdom territory rebuilding. Furthermore, the game has almost 200 thrilling levels.


The gingerbread kingdom's inhabitants are adorable. Each cookie guy in Cookie Run: Kingdom has a distinct look, complete with large eyes and a colourful picture. The game's primary character is Gingerbread Man, who is accompanied by sugar companions that assist him in fight. Each of the main character's friends has unique exterior characteristics that are impossible not to admire.


The destroyed kingdom demands immediate repair. It entails clearing the forest and constructing new residences around the realm. This necessitates the acquisition of resources, which the small man must seek for and get. The player earns prizes for each activity done, whether it is safeguarding the environment or repairing the city. Furthermore, every Cookie Run: Kingdom member receives a daily prize in the form of cash, experience points, and rare materials.


In the gaming backdrop, pleasant classical music is accompanied by playful violin noises. Melody is inconspicuous, even enjoyable. However, the player must still hear a variety of songs with the participation of various musical instruments throughout all of the cut-scenes. When you click on one of the buttons, you'll hear a gurgling sound.

Cookie Run: Kingdom's graphic design is stunning in its clarity, and the cartoonishness provides diversity to the game style, making it great. The image is visually appealing, and each intricate figure draws attention to itself.

MOD Features Of Cookie Run: Kingdom MOD APK

• No Ads
• Unlimited Money
• Unlimited Crystals
• 100% Free

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Cookie Run: Kingdom is another another fantastic Devsisters Corporation software. The game has already acquired popularity despite its recent release. Due to technical issues, the project will not receive the highest possible score. The in-game storey, on the other hand, makes it far more engaging, epic, and exciting.

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