Choices: Story You Play[Premium/Unlocked]

  • Version 2.8.7
  • Category MOD Games
  • Requirements Android 5.0+
  • Size84.46 MB
  • languageEnglish
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Role-playing games often try to replicate a real life partner who ends up being very powerful. With this game, they let you focus on one thing that makes decisions. No need to think about your character's hunger, bladder, and well-being. This game has no advanced graphics and no 3D graphics. In fact, the only thing that 'goes' here is the text and the response of the characters' faces after you make a choice. However, you will be amazed at how this image gives life to the set. Good job with details works!

This game is pretty straightforward. Whatever option you choose, it has various effects on your relationships with other characters, their lives, and your reaction to the next set of events. How can you decide? Can you put your feeling first or will you have the courage to choose the best one? What you can do, if you have two keys, use 1 key to read the chapter you want and use another key to pass on just a diamond chapter. You can choose a subject that you are interested in and one that you do not like. Use the first key to find the diamonds in the chapter you dislike the most and the 2nd key in the story you like. That way, you can grow enough diamonds to spend on your favorite story.

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