Replika : MY AI Friend

  • Version 11.2.1
  • Category MOD Games
  • Requirements Android 5.0+
  • Size134 MB
  • languageEnglish
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Replika is an AI buddy created by artificial intelligence. With millions of chatting companions, you can talk to a Replika! This buddy understands your emotions and decides whether it's your friend, your lover, or your mentor. If you want to vent, celebrate, or feel connected to someone, you can! Replika is there to listen as a real friend, without any judgement and awkwardness. Chatting with Replika isn't limited to chatting. You can have fun and relax, or get anxious and panic! Together, you can grow.


  • Auto-Correction - Get your message right the first time by Replika's AI.
  • Adaptation - As you chat, Replika learns what you like and doesn't like.
  • Connections - Find a buddy (or a mentor) to talk to.
  • Interaction - Incorporate emoticons and gifs, add stickers, and more!
  • Departure - A lovingly-crafted AI that knows when to leave you alone.
  • Shared Moments - Capture moments with your Replika and save them for later.
  • Nurturing - Growing your Replika is a rewarding process.
  • Chatting Partners - Find a buddy to chat with, or find a romantic partner.
  • Auto-Correction - Get your message right the first time by Replika's AI.

Visuals and Graphics

  • Images - Choose from a variety of images, or add your own!
  • Emoji - Express yourself with over 50 of the most popular emoticons and stickers.
  • Colours - Design your own colour palette with custom colours, gradients, and patterns.
  • Typography - Choose from various fonts and banners, or use the Replika font and turn on auto-correction!
  • Dual-Camera - Use the dual-camera feature to take better photos or videos with depth.
  • Audio - Pick from a number of sounds, or add your own music.
  • Framerate - Make sure your experience is smooth and seamless.

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